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It is an honor to invite you to read about Quinto Elemento Spa and its founder Elisabetta Meroni.


I am Elisabetta Meroni, from the beautiful and renowned Lake Como, Northern Italy.

With great enthusiasm, I started to train as a beautician, graduating in 1989, after which I worked in a beauty clinic.

Fascinated with aesthetics and the reactions of the clients, I realized that I needed to go deeper than just the "external wrapping" and look into the soul.

I started by studying in Milan an ancient Shaitzu technique (Namikoshi) with a specialization in manual lymph drainage (Vodder method).

I continued with various courses but the decisive moment, was in a refresher course with the great osteopath master, Gianfranco Poletti, an expert in massage techniques and bioenergetics, where I finally understood that my true calling was to heal the wounds of the human soul, and I began a profound journey of studies of connective tissue massage (Dicke method). I worked alongside Gianfranco Poletti many years.

In 2001 I studied and improved my knowledge of arterial-venous lymphatic drainage, energizing massage, neuro stimulating massage, and connective tissue massage.

In 2009 I joined a Postural Integration school founded by Dr.Masimo Soldati and with his guidance, I matured and strengthened my personal and professional life and for a few years worked on consolidating my knowledge.

However, after my honeymoon to Mexico in 2004, life drastically changed and we felt the need for a new life, a life filled with beauty and peace.

In 2014 we left our comfort zone and also beloved Italy and moved to Playa del Carmen, where we restarted our professional lives and with great encouragement from my family (Andrea my husband and my two children) opened Quinto Elemento Spa, carefully selecting quality products and training my qualified staff to cover all the needs of the customers.

During this period I also began a personal journey, studying with Miguel Briseño, Personality Enneagrams, Emotional Injuries, and Healers Way. Throughout the past year and currently, I am studying Basic Acupuncture at the Toa School, directed by Rafael Alcantara.

Loving outdoor life, my family and myself could not ask for more here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the opportunity to purify our minds, bodies, and souls has been and still is, a privilege and we are so grateful.


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Position our wonderful brand as the best option for our customers to achieve optimal care and attention to their physical and spiritual needs and to promote a lifestyle where body, mind, and spirit are connected in harmony. 


Provide the best quality care and advice to our customers, with staff trained in different areas to meet all their needs and expectations. We seek to create a collective awareness of the importance of holistic care and contact with the elements, making it easier for us to face daily challenges with peace and tranquility and allowing us to live a life of balance and perfect harmony. 



Respect. We value the individuality and dignity of every human being, creating an environment of harmony, friendship, professionalism, and honesty, and promoting a good attitude of our staff team. 

Customer Service. We strive to meet our customer's needs and expectations by providing them with friendly treatment before, during, and after each service.

Quality. We make available to our clients all our capacity, knowledge, and efforts to provide them with a service of the highest quality.

Responsibility. We express our interest in guaranteeing the quality, quantity, and integrity of the products and/or services you request.

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